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HI Rachel just read your guidelines. I've had a crack at it with Happy Friends ... I'd love to know what you think ... :)

Happy Friends

Aim - Bring people together to combat loneliness, support mental health & create new friendships locally.

Objective - Use the power of social media to to reach people with the intention of connect people physically, by organising events suggested by the members in locations close and convenient to them.

This is accomplished with the help of a team of volunteer from within the groups who ensure that the members are happy and the events run smoothly.

We also support members who might perhaps feel anxious about coming to their first event, offering them 1 2 1 support to help make that crucial step feel less daunting.

To help our members individually we will also offer on line & face to workshops giving them tips and life hacks they need to help them feel happier and support their mental health.

From a financial perspective ….

Aim - To create a number of self sustained/self funded local friendship group across West Yorkshire area.

Objective - Gradually go from being funded to self sustained by charging the members a £40 annual contribution. As the number of members increases, the need for funding decreases.

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