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Having worked with charities and community groups for over 17 years, I'm a huge advocate for the third sector; the value it adds to the economy and the great work it does on the frontline.

More than that, I’m a huge believer in the power of an individual or a small community, and I believe that it’s those tiny actions and small acts of kindness made in every corner of the world that add up to real and significant change.

It’s likely that your own unique set of experiences inform the contribution you want to make in the world.

For you, this could be:

  • Volunteering for a cause you believe in.

  • Caring for a family member.

  • Changing careers to something that’s more aligned to your values.

  • Starting a not-for-profit group or social impact business.

  • Taking the lead on an issue that matters to your community.

I share articles and videos on topics such as:

  • Turning your ideas into impact and making a difference in your community.

  • Starting, running and funding a community group or not-for-profit.

  • Creative tools for inspiration, planning and organisation.

  • Aligning with your purpose, mission or calling.

  • Looking after yourself when you’ve dedicated your life to helping others.

Find training and resources in these articles, workshops, templates and books, or for 1-1 support, read about how to work with me here.

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Wherever you are on your own journey, I hope you find something here that inspires you.

Rachel x

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Rachel Ireland

Writer, fundraiser, advocate for the third sector. Happiest in the quiet countryside.